Active Quiz by Trilo Interactive – Privacy Policy

Introduction Trilo General Policies

Your child’s privacy is Trilo Interactive’s main priority. Our apps are created with the mission to enhance the educational experience for children while ensuring a safe gameplay environment. With this in mind, we follow the best practices. Our literacy apps goes along with “Know what’s inside” organization and comply with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Active Quiz takes learning and activity to a new broader audience because it also will be used by adults and organizations.

Safe Environment

No in-app purchases
No social media integration
No external links
No 3rd party services or plug-ins
No personal account needed
Choosable to give away personal information (e-mail or phone number)

Data Collection

We don’t collect any hidden personally identifiable information about the users of our apps. We do collect anonymous usage statistics (i.e. total downloads and type of device) to guide improvements for our games. We also collect the e-mail adresses and phone numbers (not mandatory to use the app) in our backend for the challenge creators to reach you with information for results or tables. Anonymous usage statistics, also called analytics, help us improve an app once it has been released.

What kind of information is collected?

Usage statistics are anonymous and there is no account signup process throughout our apps. All data collected is shown as cumulative totals on our dashboards and no individual device data is accessible. We only collect game results from your nickname – Quizresults, time of your activity, coordinates of your route. No personally identifiable information is collected in case you dont want to send in your results from a gamepin-competition to get information, table or stats. it’s choosable to leave your contact information (only phone number, email address). No other information is collected such as specific city, videos/photos. We DO collect data on the device you are using and which operating system version you have uploaded. We DO collect data on your country to better understand what words/languages to include for updates. The coordinates of where you have gone through an activity is

Commitment to safety and transparency

The web admin system make it possible for admins to create list of groups and members. In this case they link a PINCODE to a firstname and surnamne. When participating in Active Quiz with a pincode (instead of guest name) it’s not even choosable to give away personal information (phone number, e-mail). Our recommendation is therefore not to let children under 13 participate with a guest name without teaming up with a youth or an adult. We regularly check with the leading sources for best practices on how to create the safest app environment for children. If you believe we have mistakenly collected such information, please contact us immediately to resolve the concern.

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